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Resident Involvement

As a program, we continue to change and evolve and we’re proud to have our residents be an integral part of this process. See some of the concrete ways our residents help shape our program below.

  • Program Evaluation Committee: The Program Evaluation Committee tracks key residency metrics and reevaluates the curriculum on an ongoing basis. Its members include representatives from the program leadership, the pediatric divisions, the pediatric department leadership and the residents.
  • Evaluations: Residents receive written evaluations from faculty via New Innovations in addition to regular in-person feedback

  • Virtual suggestion box: available 24/7 in the Hub for residents to provide feedback regarding the program

  • Monthly resident forum: The chief residents host a monthly open resident forum to discuss any concerns or issues and close the loop on previous improvement projects

  • Peer Professionalism Committee: At the beginning of every academic year the residents select a peer group to mediate should conflict arise between residents. Should issues be severe or if no solution can be found, issues are escalated to chief residents/program leadership

  • Feedback surveys: Using the residency mobile app residents have access to anonymous rotation/fellow/faculty feedback surveys 24/7. These surveys are reviewed every six months to ensure total anonymity and the feedback is used to guide fellow/faculty development and shape our rotations.

  • AAP Program Delegate: one resident is peer-selected yearly to serve as the program delegate to the Florida AAP Chapter's Section of Pediatric Trainees and represent our program at the annual conference 

Recent program changes made based on resident feedback/suggestions:

  • Introduction of Block Scheduling (4:2:2 schedule)

  • Transition to staggered sign out times at 6:00/6:30

  • Movement of night float arrival time to 6:00 pm from 7:00 pm to reduce day team fatigue

  • Intern Academic Half Day for the first few months of the year separate from Senior Academic Half Day for discussion of intern specific topics (pharmacy, wards emergencies, etc)

  • Weekly board prep questions on same topics as Academic Half Day

  • Development of program tracks to allow for enhanced involvement in research, advocacy, and global health

  • Addition of teaching elective due to interest in academia


2018 AAP Brainbowl Champions!

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